TJ White

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Lt. White is in charge of the emergency medical services aspect of the department, but if you ask him, his job title is to simply be a general bad*** (which he truly is). He is the kind of lieutenant that enjoys researching a medical topic when he's faced with a question he's unsure of, making him the perfect person to be in charge of the medical services.

Lt. White's as local as they come, born and raised in Cannon Beach. He attended Seaside High School before going to Clatsop Community College for his general studies and is currently working on a Psychological Sciences Major at Oregon State University.

He first joined the department when he was seventeen and volunteered seven years before serving in the Marine Corps for four years. After his return in 2013, he continued volunteering at the station. He's now been with the department for about eleven years.

His favorite movie and book are Fight Club and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. On his time off, he enjoys playing survival video games, preparing himself for the inevitable zombie apocalypse, obviously. Lt. White wanted to give back, so he joined "to protect the community that had protected him growing up." 

Fire Certifications: FF2, AO -Pump, Fire Investigator 1, and several in processing with the state.

Medical Status: EMT- Advanced

After "office hours" responds to Cannon Beach Station