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Cannon Beach Fire & Rescue Association


CPR Classes are now available to the public, please click here to sign up for our August class. If that date does not work, please click here to be added to the waitlist form. updated: 6.22.23 -SA


In 2002, the Cannon Beach Fire & Rescue Association (“Association”) was established as a non-profit 501.c3 corporation under State and Federal regulations. 

The purpose of the organization is to raise and disburse funds towards projects to enhance the ability of the volunteer firefighters to execute the mission of the Cannon Beach RFPD with respect to life and property safety in our community. 

The Association works tirelessly to make ensure your generously donated funds are being used in the most beneficial manner. Whether it's upgrading equipment, researching the latest gadgets, sponsoring training events, or helping create a hospitable environment to retain volunteers.

This year the Association also set up a new email,  and a phone extension 150. If you have any questions or needs, please do not hesitate to reach out. This email and voice messages are monitored by our Executive Board members.

The following is a list of our current Association Executive Board (E-Board) members (as of 2023): 

President:                  Silvia Avila

Vice President:           Andrew Lawrie

Treasurer:                 Luke Williams

Secretary:                 Erik Ostrander

Sergeant in Arms:  Keaton Walde

These position terms are two years in length. The E-Board members have additional duties to perform and vote on purchases with the Association's members' desires and needs in mind.