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Natural Hazards Mitigation and Emergency Operations Plans

Natural hazard mitigation is defined as permanently reducing or alleviating the losses of life, property and injuries resulting from natural hazards through long- and short-term strategies.  Clatsop County has developed a multi-jurisdictional Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan in an effort to reduce future loss of life and damage to property resulting from natural hazards.  This plan was developed with and for the following jurisdictions:  Clatsop County, Astoria, Warrenton, Gearhart, Seaside and Cannon Beach.  It is impossible to predict exactly when these disasters will occur, or the extent to which they will affect the County.  However, with careful planning and collaboration among public agencies, private sector organizations and the citizens within the community, it is possible to minimize the losses than can result from natural hazards.

The Clatsop County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is an all-hazard plan describing how Clatsop County will organize and respond to events.  It establishes guidance for Clatsop County’s actions during, in response to, and short-term recovery from major emergencies or disasters.  Specifically, this EOP describes the roles and responsibilities of the County departments and personnel when an incident occurs.  The County views emergency management planning as a continuous process that is linked closely with training and exercises to establish a comprehensive preparedness agenda and culture. 

Learn more and view the plans at the Clatsop County website >