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Volunteer Fire Association

In 2002, the Cannon Beach Fire District Volunteer Association (“Association”) was established as a non-profit 501.c3 corporation under State and Federal regulations. 

The purpose of the organization is to raise and disburse funds towards projects to enhance the ability of the volunteer firefighters to execute the mission of the Cannon Beach RFPD with respect to life and property safety in our community. 

This year held several firsts for the Association including cancelling the popular and favorite Ham Dinner fundraiser, due to covid restrictions.  Amazingly, the community rallied to generously donate beyond any expectations.  The Association received over $80,000 in donations this year!  Two extremely generous donors gave $15,000 to purchase much needed equipment towards getting the surf rescue team operational.  Other purchases from donations include two LucasTM Chest Compression devices.  The LUCASTM device has been shown to improve quality of chest compressions, increase ETCO2 levels as well as being able to sustain life-saving circulation during prolonged resuscitation attempts.  Because of the sometimes-prolonged time for chest compressions, multiple responders are needed to ensure consistent coverage over a period of time.  This device also frees up the number of responders needed for this type of call. 

The current Association officers form the Executive Association Board: 

President:              Allison Abbott

Vice President:      Brian Smith

Treasurer:             Luke Williams

Secretary:             Erik Ostrander

Sergeant in Arms:  Keaton Walde