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Steve Moon

May contain: apparel, helmet, clothing, human, person, and fireman

 Lt. Moon works for his family's business, Gary's Cannon Beach Service Center, as a tow truck operator and mechanic. His education answer stated "Yale. Need say no more!" Lt. Moon is a funny guy to say the least, but he has numerous attributes that make him an excellent fire fighter.

For starters, Lt. Moon joined the department 28 years ago, the experience he has gained over the years is not something you can get straight out of a textbook. His specialty is vehicle extrications and rope rescues, two of the most difficult tasks within the fire service. But if you ask him a questions about pretty much anything, he'll give you an answer.

Lt. Moon along with other firefighters played a key role in setting up the equipment within our fire vehicles for optimum efficiency during any emergency. He has also spent time with other departments to help them with their rope rescue equipment to better fit the needs of their communities.
His favorite movie is the Goonies and his favorite pass time is four wheeling! He joined with the commonly shared goal within all departments, to help others.

Fire Certifications: FF2, Driver, AO -Pump, AO -Aerial, Wildland FF1, Fire Instructor 1, Hazardous-Material Operations, Vehicle/Machine Rescue and Rope Rescue

Medical Status: EMR

After "office hours" responds to Cannon Beach station.