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Probationary Firefighters

After passing the academy skills test, recruits’ transition into probationary firefighters for a minimum of six-months.

During this time, they respond to calls within the district, build their skills, understand mutual aid response, learn equipment location, and apply equipment usage. At the end of the six-months, Recruits will retest to become full fledge firefighters and where they earn their yellow helmet, along with the admiration of community and firefighting team. 

To transition from Probationary status to Firefighter, a minimum level of Emergency Medical Response (EMR) certification is required.  Additional certifications can be pursued including but not limited to advance firefighting skills, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), Driver, Aerial Operator, Wildland Firefighter, Engineer, Surf Rescue, and Rope Rescue. 

May contain: person, human, helmet, clothing, apparel, and fireman
Fire Academy Classes 20.1 and 20.2

Current Probies:

Courtney Banks Class 20-2

Cyrus Miller Class 20-2

Jesse Parker From Class 20-2

Gabe Smith Class 20-1

Matt Williams Class 20-2

Class 20-2 

4 Graduates


Class 20-1 Academy Graduation 8-26-20

3 Graduates