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May 2021: 2 New LUCAS Devices 

In May 2021, The department trained on the 2 new LUCAS devices purchased by the Fire Association for $33,000 through the communities 2020 Ham Dinner donations.

The device is a mechanical chest compression device that helps deliver consistent high-quality, depth and rate chest compressions to a cardiac arrest patients during CPR and improve operations for medical responders. Manual high-quality CPR can be difficult to train and to maintain for a very long time. Logistically, it frees up one provider to provide other care and it offers improved access to the patient. The patient can be safely moved and transported while undergoing CPR.

Thank you to all of our supporters who donated even though we had to cancel the Ham Dinner due to COVID-19! We cannot thank you enough for your selfless contribution. It ensures our commitment to serving the communities of Cannon Beach, Arch Cape, Falcon Cove and the 750,000 - 1,000,000 annual visitors by enabling our volunteers to provide high-quality medical care.

Again, Thank you!