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Board Members

The Board is committed to excellence in leadership and decision-making that results in the highest quality of service to its residents and taxpayers.

Our district is governed by a 5-member board of directors who are elected to serve by the people. Board members serve 4 year terms.

Oregon Revised Statues 478; Rural Fire Protection Districts

ORS Ch. 198; Special Districts Generally

Director Responsibilities 

1.  Become familiar with the Oregon Revised Statutes, Oregon Administrative Rules and other regulations related to the routine and emergency activities of the District.

2.  Subordinate their personal interest for the good of the overall board and public interest.

3.  Support board decisions actions.

4.  Suspend judgement until sufficient information is available to make inform3ed and supportable decisions.

5.  Recognize the difference between policy issues that should be addressed by the board and administrative and operational issues that should be addressed by the District’s Administrative Staff.

6.  Understand the need for teamwork with other board members and administrative staff personnel.

7.  Accept responsibility for total board operation. While board officers are elected, all board members should prepare to function in any elected board officer position.

8.  Commit sufficient time to prepare for each meeting by reading all materials provided and spending any additional time which may be necessary to develop an understanding of the issues to be considered.

9.  Be open to effectively deal with all forms of public input regardless of the form in which it is delivered.

10. Deal effectively with controversy, differences of opinion, and criticism in a manner that neither the board nor individual board member becomes the center of acrimony.

11. Conduct all business with the highest moral and ethical standards and in accordance with the Oregon Government Standards and Practices laws.

12. Adopt a Fund and Financial Policy Resolution at the first regular Board meeting at each fiscal year. (policy #6.2)

13. Schedule a review with the Auditior, Administrative Staff, and the Board Secretary/Treasurer prior to formal presentation to the Board of Directors. (policy #6.3)