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Appointed Budget Committee Members

There is a 3-year commitment to be on the Budget Committee.  The budget fiscal year is from July 1 through June 30 the following year.  A new fiscal budget has to be adopted by the CBRFPD Board of Director’s prior to the fiscal year.  The Board appoints the Fire Chief as the Budget Officer. 


The Budget Officer is responsible for the preparation and presentation of the proposed budget to the Budget Committee.  The Budget Committee members fulfill an important need for citizen involvement in the budget process. 

The Budget Committee members meet only for the purpose of reviewing and ultimately recommending the budget to CBRFPD Board of Directors for adoption.   While this can be an iterative process, it is common for budgets to be reviewed and recommended within 1-2 meetings lasting approximately 2-3 hours, requiring very little time commitment from members.  Pre-reads, including a draft budget, are provided by the Budget Officer before meetings in anticipation of participation and decision-making. 

Budget Committe Members

Harvey Claussen

  • Term Expires: 1/2025



William Norton

  • Term Expires: 1/2025



Kim Bosse

  • Term Expires: 1/2025



Roy Morey

  • Term Expires: 1/2024



Tamara Stewart

  • Term Expires: 1/2024