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Volunteer Fire Officer-Leading From the Front

Time: 0800-1700

Location: Cannon Beach

Instructor: Task Force 1 Inc President Ronald Richards

Volunteer Fire Officer: Leading from the Front

Once elected, assigned, or selected, the promotion to a new position in leadership can be challenging. Your new position has new responsibilities. You may be leading a small group of individuals like an engine company or perhaps you are moving up from a company officer to a chief officer slot.

With every advancement there are higher expectations, and your leadership abilities is what will make is a great success or horrible failure. In thin interactive online presentation will share a plethora of information to position you for success.

This program will cover a wide array of topics presented through many engaging interactive exercises, role plays and other motivating tools.

This program is very dynamic. While only two hours long, this program will put a new officer on a straight path for success and help the seasoned but struggling officer to refocus.