Cannon Beach Rural Fire Protection District (CBRFPD) responds to fire, medical, search and rescue, and water rescue emergencies from Hwy 26 & 101 junction to Clatsop/Tillamook county line near Falcon Cove. Not to mention mutal aid to neighboring agencies. To better serve the community, volunteers living south of Cannon Beach can respond to our sub-station located in Arch Cape. 

The majority of the calls received are medical emergencies. In 2016, CBRFPD responded to 294 medical calls and 127 calls that included fires, search and rescue, and general assistance to the public and neighboring towns. The total number of calls received for the last year was 421. As of July 14, 2017, CBRFPD has responded to 223 calls. The District has relatively few structure fires, in the past five years there has been six. ISO rating of 4/9 (four in Cannon Beach and Arch Cape, and nine in Falcon Cove).

Cannon Beach is a fairly small city along the northern coast of Oregon. There are numerous attractions that bring in people from all around the world, making our little town a desired tourist location. With Ecola State Park, Oswald West State Park, the famously known Haystack Rock, and the numerous hiking trails it's hard to stay away from our sandy town. The population fluctuates throughout the year due to the town's "resort" orientation, causing most of the calls to come in during the summer. For example, every summer the city holds a Sand Castle competition, which can bring in ten to thirty thousand people, sometimes more if the event doesn't fall on the same day as Portland's Rose Festival.