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General Burning Information

Burning permits are required for all burning, even during open the burning season, within the city limits of Cannon Beach. Contact the Cannon Beach Police Department at 436-2811 for information on how to obtain a free burning permit. 

Phone 503-436-2949 for information on burning within other areas of the fire district.

Burning permits are required in all other areas of the district during fire season.

Department of Forestry issues burn permits for Arch Cape and Falcon Cove/Cove Beach. Department of Forestry Phone # (503) 325-5451.

Fire season is established by the Department of Forestry. It usually begins in late June and lasts until late October.

General Burning Rules

May contain: advertisement, poster, brochure, flyer, and paper

All burn barrels and open fires must be attended. Burn barrels shall have proper screening. During the open season burning is allowed from sunrise to sunset. 

During fire season, only burn barrels are permitted from sunrise to 10:00AM only. 

No open burns are allowed.

During the closed fire season, fires must be extinguished by 10:00AM. A charged hose will be present at all times of burning.

No burning will be allowed during times of extreme dryness or during east winds.

Rules for Beach Fires

All beach fires must be a minimum of 50 feet away from seagrass or other combustible materials (driftwood, seawall, etc.). The fire must be attended at all times. Do NOT burn driftwood as it can smolder for several hours after it has been extinguised, later causing a fire to ignite.

The best way to extinguish the fire is by pouring water over it until all the red embers have gone out. If possible try not to cover remanants with sand as people might walk over the hot sand.

If you do not have water, spread fuel pile outward instead of it being in a pile. This eleminates fuel for the fire to burn.